Ian Suh

Photista Website

Photista is the name of the responsive site that houses marine algae data and the site is built entirely in code (html, css, p5.js, json) with no additional media files (all drawings are coded svgs). The site also contains a poster builder on the homepage that generates random algae facts through a connected json file. The name Photista is a combination of the two words: Photosynthesis and Protista.

Knowledge Domain

The focus of my knowledge domain is on marine algae or plant-like protists. These algae are essential and influential in the earth’s ecosystem for providing oxygen and being foundational sources as primary producers. I wanted to gather data about this topic because the environment is an essential responsibility for people, but not everyone has access to the physical oceans and information regarding oceanic news can be a hassle to find. I want to use my gathered knowledge to create an interactive platform that teaches people about our protist friends.

More of the research can be found here in the Critical Journal.


The site is split up into five different pages / sections. The Home page houses the interactive poster / marine algae data generator. The marine algae data is split into three main sections: Oceanic Divisons, Marine Algae, and Symbiosis. The Resource page includes additional sources / links regarding the topic of algae and environmentalism.

Photista Site is Live @ isuh.info/photista

Created by @Ian Suh